Thursday, August 10, 2017

CHOOSE to synchronize with YOUR own natural excitement.

"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born.

Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second (every ‘Planck length’-Cosmic heartbeat) of your time, as a perfect reflection of the believes you choose to define your reality with – in every Here and Now.

There are versions of earth within your reach at this moment, that are of a higher frequency than you might have ever been able to image. On these ‘possible future Earths’, you are living a dreamlike life, filled with flow, joy and expansion.

This idea can be experienced as a manifest reality, by anyone who chooses to synchronize with their own natural excitement, by living from a balanced heart-mind state. All of you born in this time-frame, have been granted the possibility, to ride the wave of this ascension to the fullest.

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"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born. Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Enjoy the ride...You are the driver !!! Mandella effect.....

There are infinite realities and we have been moving between them every second of every day, with very little difference between them, so as not to notice in the way of physical matter, but now there are bigger differences and certainly it is apparent that people can 'appear' to live on the same planet but that was and is an illusion.

We each create our own reality and have energetic agreements of sharing common vibratory experiences, although we each actually experience the shared reality in a unique way, we have been programmed to believe it is one way, one world etc.

This is what is causing the confusion, that we have to break through such an intense programming of our minds to allow in the knowledge of the ever expansive universe that we are creating.

Nothing was ever the same all through out our lives we just 'believed' it was. 

Our minds were contracted and we built a false security around this pattern of sameness, so, hence, we saw things as the same. 

We jump between timelines continuously and are now jumping bigger distances so as to be aware of physical changes.

It feels confusing but it has been happening and will continue to happen eternally, we have always been doing this and the difference now is that there is a higher vibration on the whole planet so more people are aware of changes.

We have more awareness, more DNA strands are activated so they remember other realities, where as before we easily accepted the new timeline as the only one we had lived in.

There is so much fun to be experienced as we become 'qualified' drivers of these vehicles that we live in, on this infinite amount of planets that we dwell on.

There is only darkness or control in this awakening if you believe that the controller of your beliefs. 

Enjoy the changes and inconsistencies that become apparent every day, that is the whole purpose of this adventure, to choose otherwise is an option, but is it the reality you prefer ?

~Linda Lovett~

Friday, July 28, 2017

Remember When Our Kidneys were in the Lower Back?

"The kidneys are bean-shaped organs (about 11 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm) that are located against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area."

Now they call the Kidney Thefts that went on, "Urban Legends".
I Think it is Awesome that our Kidneys are in a NEW location. Now they are not subject to cold winds, people stilling them and they are just better up higher and near the heart, right? If you don't know your Kidneys moved, Google Kidney Anatomy