Friday, March 24, 2017

Mandela effect spiritual counseling by Reverend Crystal Cox

I am a Mandela effect, Quantum effect, timeline shift expert and I have counseled hundreds to help them to understand what is happening to them through what many call the Mandela effect.

Many people who notice a clear timeline change are scared, they feel betrayed and they feel alone as for most of them the people around them have not noticed the change.

It can be quite alarming to notice that your body has changed, that the sky is changed, that maps have changed, brand names, celebrities and more. When many noticed this for sure and those around them don't believe them or have not noticed the changes they are suffering from severe depression, Grief, loneliness and feel severely misunderstood and in this they do not know what to do with the knowledge that they are conscious in a different reality than they remember being in the last several decades.

I have studied timeline shifts, parallel realities for a very long time. I myself have seen major shifts in reality, including changes in my own body. I am an expert on the Mandela effect. I prefer to call it a timeline shift, timeline jumping or a Quantum shift.

I have counseled people on the Mandela effect as most call it, and have found that many are suffering after they notice these profound changes in their reality. They are scared, many feel they have died or they do not understand what is happening. Every person of course is unique however most find comfort in the counseling I give them regarding the Mandela effect.

I am a psychic and an energy healer and have been a spiritual counselor for over 30 years. The Mandela effect can be very isolating. If you are88i suffering from issues in your life that stem from the Mandela effect or the knowledge that you are in a different reality and seek counseling based on this please email me at

I do psychic readings, energy healing, as well as spiritual readings and spiritual counseling. I do charge for this service, however I charge on a sliding scale based on your situation so please email me if you need advice on this topic for your life in general. 

My PayPal email is if you would like this service please pay at this email and then email me and request spiritual counseling, healing, or Mandela effect counseling.

Blessings to you, in this New Earth this higher Dimension Earth.

Reverend Crystal Cox