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With the Mandela Effect, there is No Proof, there are NO Facts.

There is only your Truth, your Certainty of Self.

There is only you to believe and no one to convince of or justify to.


Your perceptions, your consciousness. Your experiences, your Memory.

It is not about other people validating your memories or your truth.

This is a clearing period, as timelines collapse. A time of creating the 5D reality you want by the choices you have made, the thoughts you have had. This is a time of not needing validated and not needing to justify anything but instead to be it, live it, allow it, and need no outside permissions, validations or justification from anyone for ANY reason.

While also having no need to convert others to your way of “SEEING” anything. Or trying to convince anyone that your memories are better or this really happened or that. They ALL “happened” in infinite dimensions and timelines. No need to debate about which version of reality or history happened, or to even look at it. Now is Truly the TIME of NOW.

What do you want? What excites you? Follow that and your 5D world will magically manifest before YOUR eyes. YOURS, not “theirs”. This is ALL ABOUT YOU, Individually.

There is NOT FACTS, documented historical evidence, no proof of anything. That is the Point.

As you well know any history books, maps, anatomy books, bibles, astronomy books, as well as a massive amount of other information changed. You woke up and it changed. It can happen again and happens every moment based on your thoughts, your perception, your belief.

It is a moot point to convince others what you see, as you are all from differing timelines and dimensions. You all literally have different eyes, different experiences and lived in different timelines.  These timelines are all collapsing now and moving to a higher vibration. They are unique to you such as your fingerprint, your eyes. Your truth of your timeline is not actually shared with ANYONE. It is a time to focus only on YOU.

What Do You Believe?  What Do You Want? Who Are YOU to YOU, not to anything OUTSIDE of you, your consciousness, who you know to be you?

You have a Preference in every moment. In EVERY moment once choice excites you more than another, that is your TRUE you. If you don’t pick that choice then you are created a reality of what you do not prefer to actually be your life.

There is no doubt, no one needs to convince anyone. I see many talk of “believing” in the “phenomena” of which many call the Mandela Effect, however, they say they need more convincing and humans are fickle and suggestive and subjective. Thing is it is NOT our job to convince anyone of anything, this is our time to TRULY and 100% to the best of our ability KNOW THYSELF.

The only thing you need to know about the Mandela Effect is YOU.

You need to know you, validate you, listen to you, love you and convince no one of anything. Know you and move into the dimension, the timeline, the Reality that this knowledge of self and truth to self moves you into.

We all have different truths. It is not about “seeing” what others see.

It is about YOU and only YOU. 

Yes the changes are entertaining however there is no high vibration reason to awaken others to see what they do not see. It is about you living your truth, removing your programs, and loving, validating you. This will vibrate in your energy field and others will know. You help all by allowing your own excitement, truth, passion, which is your guidance system, your beacon of light.

No need to engage with naysayers or those who do not see. For many of us who have “seen things” “knew things” our entire life that others did not see, we know that it is about being our true self and not necessarily seeing spirits per say or the future, or auras and then convincing others that it is there, or fighting about whether it is or not. We simply know our Truth and walk with it in our energy field.

The psychiatric system of timelines gone past would doubt you if you have any kind of vision, if you see “ghosts” if you see things different, that’s simply how that system worked. Be it back in the day when our psychic abilities, energy healing, yoga, tarot cards were considered evil and many were committed for their spiritual gifts. We learned to simply use the gifts and not to try and convince others that we have the gift or what we see.

We are in the new Earth energy now. The fight is over. The Light has Won. Now is the time to know and trust self absolutely and completely, no matter what.

If people need “convinced” of the Mandela Effect or convinced they live in a different world, well WOW, then maybe they don’t live in a different world or are not ready to see it, either way it is still all about the ONE, YOU.


In the case of KNOWING you are capable of moving Realities. Of “seeing” what many call the Mandela Effect. If you have Fear then you don’t have 100% Faith.

Blaming a dark force, cern, demons and not trusting that it is you who are creating your magnificent reality changes, well this is Fear Based also and is not Faith based.

It is about Truly knowing who you are for you, about you, and changing timelines and realities based on this truth that is ONLY about YOU Personally. When you KNOW and listen within, you have no more fear. And you have no need to convince others or validate yourself by finding more and more residual and changes, more people that “see”, and being the town crier per say. You simply walk among them calmly knowingly and your energy field will do the rest.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

If you ever feel you have to ask anyone if a Relationship is Right for you or Healthy for you. IT IS NOT.

There is a Reason you don't Feel Quite Right, Trust that and LET GO. Don't hold on to the shore clinging in fear and insecurity. What you want is downstream, LET GO. The TIMELINE you Actually Want to be Living will appear after you let go of all you pretend you are not certain of. Make a Choice, which reality do you want, what do you really prefer, then LEAP. This moves you to the Reality, the Timeline you actually want to be Living in. ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

Monday, February 19, 2018

What Is Mandela Effect, and How Our Heart Position Shifted

"Correct me if I’m wrong… but did our heart ‘magically’ shift into the center? Not only that, but it’s almost twice bigger. Don’t believe me? Look at any anatomy picture in Google and see if it matches what you remember! It took me a week to digest this before writing about it…

I think I will let Metatron do the speaking on this one while I get my head together. I believe 86.6% remember the heart as having been on the left, while 13.4% remember things to have always been the way they are right now, which makes this whole effect even more interesting.

This is Metatron, Senior of the Archangels.

There has been a lot of questions and confusion regarding the Mandela Effect. Usually it happened with small unimportant details that could go unseen. This time, however, it happened with your own bodies. How? Why? What else changed? Let’s bring some clarifications.

The Mandela Effect is caused by the merging of timelines. Under normal circumstances, our time is not linear as we think but it is still a continuous flow. In Dr. Strange movie, when Dr. Strange played with time, he was rebuked that he wasn’t controlling time but breaking and fragmenting it. Such fragmentation of the timeline is what creates anomalies.

As described in The History of the Universe, there has been a time travels war during the psychic war that has fragmented the timeline into many trillions of timelines. It has been predicted that such timeline fragmentation will cause strange Mandela Effects as the timelines collapse back together. It is hard to predict what will happen, but we’re starting to see certain effects for sure.

Beyond that, there are Secret Space Programs operating in orbit, on the moon, on Mars, in Antarctica and in other places of our solar system. These people are above our political Elite and form the shadow government in partnership with the banks and pharmaceutics. They have been making extensive use of time travel technologies every time they abduct someone, and to alter or “filter out” events from our collective reality. They have also been creating tremendous timeline fragmentation.

One of the changes that happened is that the “dark overlords” who provided the shadow government with their powers have been defeated. The Dracos have been exterminated through time since the beginning of times, and it appears this has created a timeline where the Ancient Civilizations on Earth hadn’t been exterminated by the Dracos. The human population had 34% Reptilian DNA. That is now gone. Furthermore, the general population now has around 3.9% DNA from the Giants of Orion, and 1.4% Lemurian DNA. These are very positive changes, yet the unknown can be scary — and this definitely falls into the “unknown” category.

Timelines can only merge to the extent of what our collective consciousness allows. It seems many of these changes started happening around October 10th, right after the veil of denial was pierced on September 27th. Yet many other changes are continuing to take place within our body and DNA and thousands of timelines are currently merging on a daily basis. The situation is being closely monitored by the Archangels and other high-dimensional beings to prevent undesirable effects.

The current consciousness is “fundamental changes are allowed to happen as long as they aren’t visible to the surface”. This is what is happening with this Mandala Effect… but this one is definitely stretching it. This is definitely an anomaly of Mandela Effects. Such a drastic change normally wouldn’t be taking place. One factor to take into consideration is the activation of some sort of nuclear reactors at the core of certain Orion souls who were ready to be reactivated. This might have created a magnetic pull through time and space that “drew” this abnormal merging of timelines into place. The sentence “the activation of Orion Nucleus is fully responsible for this Mandela Effect” calibrates as 0% accurate, while “the activation of Orion Nucleus is partially responsible for this abnormal Mandela Effect” calibrates as 42% accurate. This makes it a very considerable factor. Certain Orion souls have recovered 50 to 100% of their native DNA… somehow. That’s a good thing.

So, what else changed within your bodies?
– Heart shifted position to the center
– Heart is 58% larger
– Lungs are 13% larger
– Kidneys are higher
– Stomach is higher
– Thoracic cage is 3% stronger on the side and 14% stronger in the front
– Eye sockets are surrounded by bones separating the eyes from the brain

Eye Sockets

For Orion souls having recovered their native DNA, their 3rd density brain is now built in 6 densities and their pineal gland is built in 12 densities. The brain is thus 68% more effective and can harmonize with higher realms much easier. Some Lemurian souls also recovered a lot more Lemurian DNA.

The changes being allowed are only changes not immediately visible to the surface. This suggests that more changes are coming as the collective consciousness opens up to new possibilities. Again, it is very hard to predict what else is going to change, but so far, the changes are very positive.

Here’s a KEY. Your current state of consciousness dictates the way timelines merge. Thus, you can view the Mandela Effect as a tool to shortcut the creation of a better world. You want the best changes to make it through as the timelines merge, and you want negative or destructive timelines to fade away.

A new world is emerging, whether you like it or not.

– Metatron"

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“Where is Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy”.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Equality, justice and respect for all human beings reigning on earth - no more hunger, poverty or crime - abundance available to all. Everyone living without fear - with complete trust in the Divine Everyone awake to the majestic, divine inter-dimensional beings they truly are

"  Dimensional Shift

There are some people who experience the shift as something so monumental that it feels like a dimensional shift - one the earth and all its inhabitants are making from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimension.

What is The Fifth Dimension?

Whatever we may call it or whatever paradigm we may hold it in, if we tune in, it's indisputable that something big is happening. Something new, something that has never before in history happened.

Some people are feeling it now; others will eventually feel it. But there's no stopping it.

The sooner we can get on board and see it happening in our lives and align with the new energies coming in, the easier it's going to be to make the shift.

Much has been written, spoken and channeled about the Fifth Dimension and humanity's ascension into this new realm of existence. In addition, many "ordinary" people are now having their own experiences, visions and inner "downloads" about the Fifth Dimension.

Not every source agrees on details about the Fifth Dimension, but most describe similar major characteristics, which are described below.

Ascension into the Fifth Dimension

According to ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails.

This has been called the Fifth Dimension.

Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades; others give no date. But all seem to agree it will be complete sometime in the near future, although individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own rate when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.

Most teachings state that the shift the earth and humanity are taking into the Fifth Dimension has been "planned" for eons. Also that it has already been happening in the last few decades.

December 21, 2012 was a date that was given as the mid-point of the shift taking place, and that it will continue to unfold in more and more obvious ways, picking up speed, as time goes on.

A Fairy Tale?

Much of what has been described about the Fifth Dimension can sound like a fairy tale:

All people living in peace and harmony, experiencing oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the earth itself - love and compassion flowing through all communications

Equality, justice and respect for all human beings reigning on earth - no more hunger, poverty or crime - abundance available to all. Everyone living without fear - with complete trust in the Divine Everyone awake to the majestic, divine inter-dimensional beings they truly are

Some of the descriptions can sound even more "out there" - such as people freely communicating with beings from other planets and galaxies and traveling to distant parts of the universe with these beings.

Imagination, Memory or Intuition?

And yet,

Haven't we all had dreams of living in a world like this?

Are these dreams just figments of our imagination?

Or are they memories of what we, thousands and thousands of years ago, once experienced - and at some point lost, as we descended into the kind of world we know of today, filled with struggle and suffering and lack of direct connection with the Divine?

Or do these dreams perhaps come from intuitions about the future that is in store for us?

Many of us are having these intuitive feelings; some are having clear visions; others are inwardly hearing about the reality of humanity's future will be.

Some of us feel we have been waiting thousands of years for these times we are now entering.

If we seek deeply within ourselves, we may find that these dreams of an ideal and peaceful world are actually both a distant memory of what we once experienced eons ago and an intuitive glimpse into what is now beginning to happen on earth.

And our longing to return to this ideal world is simply a yearning to finally return Home to this beautiful world ahead of us.

How Can it Happen so Quickly?

The question might arise:

How can this possibly happen?

How can this world turn around from where it is today and become this utopian kind of world?

There is still so much darkness on the planet - wars, hatred, prejudice and injustice.

The answer is two-fold:

First, thousands of people on the planet are now experiencing an awakening of the heart at an unprecedented rate - and this awakening appears to be speeding up, as time goes by. At some point, the hundredth monkey phenomenon will inevitably take hold.

And secondly, not everyone on the planet at this time is making the choice (consciously or unconsciously) to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension.

All souls have the choice to enter 5D, given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold the energy levels that exist in that higher vibration.

But many will be choosing to leave the earth within the next couple of decades to move on to other third dimensional experiences in other parts of the universe. They will not have finished with what third-dimensional reality has still to teach them.

Those who are choosing to stay and make the shift with the earth will be going through some intense and rapid changes, as their bodies and minds make the radical changes needed to shift into the higher consciousness requisite for moving into the Fifth Dimension.

Exactly What are Dimensions?

First of all, dimensions are not places or locations; they're levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate.

There exist numerous dimensions; the fourth and fifth are simply higher than the one we've been living in. Ascension into even higher dimensions will continue even after we've reached the fifth.

Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. 

In each higher dimension, there exists a clearer, wider perspective of reality, a greater level of knowing. We experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to create reality.

In order for a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in resonance with it. Shifting from one level of consciousness to the next higher one means becoming established on it, so we don't get pulled back.

The Third Dimension

It's important to understand, first off, that the Third Dimension is not the things you see: the table, the tree, the earth. These are form.

All things in form are still present in the Fourth Dimension (and to some degree in the 5th); they're simply more light-filled, not as dense.

The Third Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because we've been living in this 3rd dimensional reality for so many lifetimes, we tend to assume that this is the only reality available to live in.

We think this is simply how "reality" is, not realizing it's a very limited experience of reality.

The Third Dimensional "operating system" runs on rigid beliefs and a fairly inflexible set of rules and limitations.

For example, in the Third Dimension, we learn to believe that bodies are solid; they can't merge with each other or walk through walls. Everything is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear, and we cannot read another person's mind.

There's a solid belief in duality, and judgment and fear are pervasive.

The Fourth Dimension
This is the "bridge" we're all pretty much on now, and will be for a relatively short period of time.

In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it.

We can know we're experiencing the Fourth Dimension when we have moments of spiritual awakening and experiences of heart opening. Other times, it can happen when we're simply feeling clear and quiet inside. Everything within and around us feels lighter, less rigid. There's a sense of spaciousness and upliftment.

Time is no longer linear in the Fourth Dimension - there's an ongoing sense of being in present time, with no interest or even awareness of past and future. And we can discover that time is malleable - it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third dimensional surprise.

Manifestation is much faster in the Fourth Dimension.

Something we simply think about can show up very quickly. In general, when we're experiencing joy, love and gratitude, we're experiencing fourth dimensional consciousness.

The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension has been described as the dimension of Love, of living totally from the Heart.

In order to enter into the Fifth Dimension and stay there, all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door.

No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there - no suffering or sense of separation.

Mastery over thought is a prerequisite.

Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension is instantaneous. You think about something - it comes present.

People generally communicate through telepathy and have the ability to read each other's thoughts and feelings with ease. The experience of time is radically different: some describe it as "everything happening at once." There is no distinction between past, present or future.

Many of us are having experiences (or "dreams") that feel like visits to the Fifth Dimension. These are exhilarating - tremendously exciting and hopeful.

They keep us moving on through the difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth.

Transitional Times

We are currently in what's been called "transitional times" or the "end times".

These are the times in which we are experiencing the death of third-dimensional reality, while at the same time beginning to travel through new and unknown landscapes of the 4th Dimension.

In essence, one whole structure of reality is collapsing, while a new one is emerging. It's to be expected that some chaos, confusion and disorientation will reign both within and around us, as we attempt to adapt to a whole new way of experiencing reality.

Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these times. Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.

This can include:

old relationships

lifetime careers

approaches to life we've traditionally taken

an out-dated sense of identity

any limited or negative thoughts and emotions that holds us in a lower vibration

Fortunately, we can now get a great deal of help in making the transition to a higher vibration.

Beings from higher dimensional realms are more and more present to assist us; we simply need to ask for their help. We can also become aware of the flooding of divine light that's currently arriving from the higher dimensions.

So releasing old patterns and negative emotions is getting easier and easier, if we have the clear intention of letting them go.

We Can take our Bodies with Us

Many sources tell us we can take our physical bodies with us, if we choose, into the Fifth Dimension.

Some say that although other planets and galaxies have shifted into higher dimensions before in the history of the universe, this is the first time that souls in incarnation on a planet are going to be taking their physical vehicles with them into the higher dimension.

Doing this is seen as the next step in humanity's evolution. Given this, it seems important for us to really take care of our bodies at this time.

It's Up to You

If you feel a resonance with the information in this article, it's likely you've decided - either consciously or unconsciously - to shift with the earth into the Fifth Dimension in this lifetime.

If so, you have the choice to simply allow life to transform you - sometimes in uncomfortable ways, if you have any resistance to change. Life will do the job for you. Or you can choose to actively cooperate with the shifts taking place inside you.

You can consciously let go of old patterns, release negative emotions, judgments and thoughts, and work on keeping your vibration high at all times. This effort will likely ensure that your journey through the Fourth Dimension will be a lot smoother and even perhaps more rapid.

But there's no right way to make this journey. We each have to do it the way that's best for us. One way or another, we will make it into the new reality that lies before us.

What an exciting time to alive!   "


Mandela Effect Explained, Mandela Effect Information: Want to Understand the Mandela Effect and what it means to your life? Mandela Effect Meaning. Mandela Effect Ascension. We have been through a Dimensional Shift, we are Ascending, we are consistently moving timelines based on our thoughts, belief and FOCUS.

First of all don’t get caught up in what others call “it”. Some call it the Mandela Effect, however, there are many things that have changed besides memories of Nelson Mandela. In fact for me that was not even one of the “effects”. There is so much discussion out there on who talked of the Mandela Effect first. Thing is it is not a brand folks, it is not about recognition or invention. This is about your life. It reveals as a miraculous phenomena whereby history has changed for you personally and others who remember things as you do. A supernatural event, however, this is our natural evolution as we raise our consciousness.

You literally woke up with a different history. You awoke one day somewhere along the way, and things were different. Big huge things such as Bible Scripture, your Anatomy, Geography, where we are located in the Universe and so much more. It is truly phenomenal.

Many are or have been frightened by these events in their life. Many have tried to tell family, friends or those around them and are deemed crazy, and people even get very angry at those who talk of remembering Reality different. It scares them, hence the anger.

You don’t have to tell anyone. Find support elsewhere if you need it. Understand that you have moved timelines. You are awakened, have Faith in it’s higher purpose and don’t be around those in fear or those who do not doubt your reality. You don’t need anyone else’s approval and you don’t need others to validate what you know is true for you.
Many have experienced this “Effect” for decades. It is not new and it is NOT ABOUT any particular person that said it or allegedly noticed it first. It is ONLY about YOU, your personal perception, consciousness, experience. You know your Truth and no one else has to and if people leave your life then let them, be True to You as this Creates Timelines, Worlds and quite literally the “Reality” you live in, you perceive as “Your Life”.

Many sources, people, channels, practitioners have spoke of parallel realities, different dimensions, and all aspects of what many call the Mandela Effect for as long as I can remember and I am sure long before that.

Many practitioners assisted people in moving into our light body, and in preparing to move into higher dimensions. This has been happening for decades, probably centuries. It is not new and it is not about any one particular person. Don’t focus on this nor engage with others who engage in energy of who “invented” “the Mandela Effect”. FOCUS on the REALITY you want.

I have studied this reality change, this parallel shift, and our waking up with a new history, our walking the same paths for centuries and one day artifacts will appear, reality changing and what many call the Mandela Effect.  

Kryon spoke of this for over 25 years through Lee Carol. Barbara Marciniak channeled this stuff from the Pleiadians. Jane Roberts channelled Seth. Parallel Realities has been discussed in channelled information and power of thoughts informations for a VERY long time. This is how it has all manifested.

I did not expect this to happen in such a physical way, such as waking up in a different version of me, a different Earth, a completely different place. I did not expect to literally wake up conscious in a new reality.

I thought my body would change, I would ascend, I would awaken to a new Earth, however, not in this body, not in life the same or similar around me, such as the same type of Government, music, brands, places, events and such.

I did not take this literally as to actually wake up one day in bed and be in that version of me. Like waking up in an alien body, and alien world. Except it resembles the other world and my body looks the same mostly on the outside. Even if I am told that the heart, the kidney, and other “parts” are in a different location under my skin and that my skull is different and well I can see a dark ring around the color of my eye that I know was not there my ENTIRE Life as I knew my life to be. Still I “mostly” look the same.

When you see what many call the Mandela Effect, and begin to grasp what it is and really means to your life, it can be quite stressful. Knowledge and Trusting yourself helps with this.

Yes you may “lose” friends and family, so what. If they are meant to be in your life, it will feel good, fun, high energy having them there, if not then let them go. So many cling to people, thing is there is no Death folks, and we don’t lose people per say. So let go. We really can choose to not be around energy that does not feel good to be around and in that we put ourselves in a place of our highest vibration and attract to us what we really do want in our life.

A Dimensional Shift has occurred and we are now existing on a brand new timeline, a New version of us, of our life. It is fantastic, don’t fear it, and don’t need to convince others, simply find peace with it, have Faith in it and bring into focus the life you want by what your thoughts are, what your mind focuses on.

Your FOCUS Creates the World, the Version of Life that you Draw to You.

I ADVISE you to Listen to YOU.

Don’t listen to any information that brings up fear in you, NONE, from no person, no source, no video, no book, NO INFORMATION that brings up fear in you.

If the information you read or watch is not Love based, positive or proactive toward a higher happier existence, then I advise you to NOT focus on it, not listen to it, it is simply not right for those who want to live a high vibration life.

Information talking of CERN in a fear based way, or Demons or Devil or anything that is not of high vibration, well that is not information that creates a high frequency, joyous, fun, happy, high dimensional

You ARE a Creator GOD.

Anyone that disempowers you and talks of you not creating your own life, and gives you information
that suggest you don’t have power over our life or some demon is tempting you, well that is not
information that is of the highest and best for YOU.

Reverend Crystal Cox
Mandela Effect Counseling
Quantum Energy Healing

“Guiding You to the Highest Frequency, Most Joyful, Abundant, Happy,
High Dimensional Self. And uniting you with your Higher Self and Purpose