Thursday, November 16, 2017

For me the whole moving timelines is an old hat. Yet there are others who have seen it in their physical reality for over a decade. Perhaps we have all seen it throughout our life in small ways and now it’s simply much grander. I do know that we are in a better world, a higher vibrating timeline that is clear. As we see Pedophilia and Molestations called out. We see corruption crumbling from the top down and many more clear, without a doubt signs that the Dark has been defeated and that the reality we are in is a much less dense reality and freedom, complete freedom from the dark is within site.

Then there are others who are new to the Mandela Effect and in that stage of discovery and perhaps fear or anger. When I first noticed I had shifted realities, there was not a lot of videos out there. I remember jumping on each one for the Mandela Effect at first and then on Parallel Realities, Quantum Jumping, Changing Timelines and then it all faded back into life as they say. And walking among those who have not seen it, yet changed forever because I have. My life has been that way all along anyway, always seeing something and feeling something different than the humans around me.

I know it has happened to me, I have no doubt that it has or what is actually going on and I have great faith in that. However, it tends to make my daily life feel a bit humdrum, or even radically on the other side of the scale and such pure magic that this version to is to out there for not just most of them but most all of them. I have never been one who needed approval of others. When I know something is happening as seen with my eyes for me personally, or seen psychically or I just know, well then I do. However, knowing that I moved to another world seemingly just like that, yet knowing it was thousands of years in the making, well it changes things. It makes me feel no permanence at all, and I was never one to be attached to the material world anyway. So after the Mandela Effect knowledge was clear well there is nothing more important than understanding how I changed timelines and to do it at will to a timeline of no pain, no money system, no oppression and complete actual freedom. So I have been studying that since then, and not like before, but with the mind that, Hey I can move to another physical world in an instant.

Before this I had already detached from my home, belongings, and all that held my life in some sort of particular belief, social standing, the whole whatia do for a living nonsense and well after that I detached even more, understanding that there is no physical. While at the same time feeling body pain, needing to manifest abundance for food, warmth and clothes.

The conundrum is obvious and the Faith in waiting for the tide to change as old timelines, realities and stories collapse, well that is the intermittent challenge. As I await, yet participate in a newer, higher vibrating timelines immerge. Having this faith yet at the same time wishing it to hurry up as my human body suffers. Then I head back into thought and healing and creating a higher vibrating thought pattern as I hold still unattached from all realities and awaiting the emergence of the Reality that is the highest possibility, probability for me personal, whoever I am in the grand scheme of universal things.

~Reverend Crystal Cox
After traveling to this dimension it became a bit of woe is me now what? I know I have moved realities, timeline and I understand what is happening with timelines collapsing and our ascension. However, it is still not “my world” per say. Thinking my way out of one version of life and into another is not that easy. Convincing my inner beliefs to be different so my reality moves is a process indeed. Saying the words are words, however we must change our belief system, that is so ingrained our our patterning. That takes the tides of TIME. Yet knowing in our heart of hearts that Time does not Exist.

Monday, September 25, 2017


"For quite a while now many have been questioned by their entourage (lightworkers alike) as to why just a selected few are sensing, living the ascension process – affected by these frequent energy downloads taking into consideration that we are all exposed to these waves (under the same roof so to speak); and on the premise that we all perceive these emissions from the same Cosmos.

The simple reason is that those that have chosen to work for the Light (bring in Light) resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions. It is a slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the pending illusion into that enlightened state of awareness – consciousness.

The moment a soul volunteers to be a light bearer/light worker/way shower, etc – re the ascension project, the moment proceeding the famous `clarion call`, some parameters/lines in their operating system aka DNA are modified. This exercise is carried out at the moment of their conception by the team of guides & Co – orientation team and by diversity under the supervision of Athena`s department (soul contract, mission, karma …).

All those that are involved in the ascension project depending on their specific assignments as well as their positions on the `Jacob`s ladder` (light quotient) have been receiving varying doses of cyclic downloads of light energies necessary for: the shift, carbon to crystal conversion, cleansing, transmutation,… The passage of these energies through the LBP (light body process) has been responsible for the proverbial ascension symptoms (unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light/energy downloads in the body). However, despite the above mentioned upheavals, once the process of transmuting their form has begun, it is difficult, and even dangerous, to try to stop it; fortunately their expanded perceptions resulting from the harmonizing role of the unified chakra act as a protective/safety mechanism.

Looking at it from a technical perspective, our etheric network operates in a similar manner to that of a simple radio receiver capable of discriminating application signals at its input. Ascensionees radios aka receivers are equipped with decoders allowing them to demodulate and exploit authorized signals/frequencies due to an incorporated algorithm (this process is similar to the encrypting patch used by secret services in their communication equipment all over the globe to restrict service/info to specific parties). It is for this kind of Squelching – the difference in the programming of the DNA that stops the masses from benefiting from the effect of these energies through a pre-birth agreement.

Source [Cosmos – Alcyone/Sun/Galactic Alignments…] → Waves [Frequencies] → Antenna [Hair*] → Etheric Network [Chakras – Decoder/Squelch] → Ground → Source. And the circuit is complete/closed (all energy circuits must be closed for current to flow).

Those that have not yet taken the first step (slumbers/laggards/fence straddlers/…) – not yet demodulating these energies, will do so in divine timing for everyone is moving towards reconnection/home and the difference is just a matter of degrees. And all we have to do at this point in time is send them our blessings for our reunion is timeless in the infinite continuum.

Some harmonics in closing to fine-tune our radio receivers: Life unfolds endlessly in divine order, timing, will and for our highest good; those that can handle both sides of the equation (duality) and keep their peace have been called Masters – observing without interference. The greatest challenges facing humankind today is the mastery of the altered ego. The ego is highly creative and manifests itself in all shades/colors hence capable of disguising/camouflaging within itself – a drama within a drama. Success in this endeavor will thin out the veil → Love, Surrender, Gratitude, +++ will help manifest the big picture."


"A timeline split is where two timelines are experienced as if they are one" Channeled by Linda Lovett

"A timeline split is where two timelines are experienced as if they are one, one timeline splits into two and run parallel, they stay partially connected, so there are different memories or vibrations between people, we are experiencing 5D at the same time as others are experiencing 3D, we have memories of mainstream media/entertainment from a different timeline, we have carried them with us where as usually there is a natural amnesia.

We have always shifted timelines as we change our perception, though, we would not of been aware of this, now we are taking TIMELINE SHIFTS that have a bigger gap between them and are also carrying residue from the one we came from in that we are at a higher frequency than those around us.

Nodes are the places along a timeline that we make shifts from, There are infinite nodes, though, some are bigger, as in they transport us through our frequency/awareness to a much higher vibration timeline. They are a point of transition and can be a clearing or raising frequency point...

A timeline collapse is when the majority BELIEFS are changed dramatically and the previous timeline can not exist anymore, this can happen in the collective or individual consciousness...

Timelines merging are the individual person primarily experiencing their own timeline whilst in a collective timeline that may be of a lower consciousness and their individual consciousness allows that frequency to be experienced by more of the lower frequency collective individuals' consciousness bringing two timelines together.

Though it looks like the collective has more power or can slow changes down this is not possible as the universal law states ALL ARE ONE  therefore, ONE IS ALL.. we as individuals have the power over the collective though we have been programmed to believe otherwise."

 ~ Channeled by Linda Lovett

Monday, September 18, 2017

Some thoughts on The Mandela Effect

"The first exposure I had to the Mandela Effect was watching a video about The  Berenstein Bears. Various people were commenting that the books that they grew up reading were called The BerenSTEINBears, but now the books were titled The BerenSTAIN  Bears. It wasn’t just the new copies that were being printed either. Google searches revealed nothing except the A spelling, including the Wikipedia entry. I had never read these books as a kid; indeed, I had never even heard of them. So, I didn’t think too much about the issue.

However, it wasn’t long before I came across more videos being posted on YouTube about this phenomenon. Vloggers started posting videos about all sorts of things- books, movies, product names, celebrity names, the map of the world- that had suddenly and inexplicably changed. The Mandela Effect had quickly gone well beyond the Berenstein Bears. After watching a number of these videos, I did my own research, both online and on the street, to verify the veracity of the claims presented. What I quickly found was that the Mandela Effect is real, verifiable, mind-blowing, and frightening. If there is anything else happening on Earth at this moment that remotely compares to this, I’d like to know what it is.
What exactly is The Mandela Effect? It is a phenomenon whereby people notice numerous aspects of our physical reality that are different from their memory of those things. These things can be lines from a movie, a book title, the name of a shampoo, or the map of Asia. People have known something to be a certain way for their whole life, perhaps many decades, and then suddenly they wake up, look around them, and see it is different. This awareness is startling and unsettling.
There are now hundreds, perhaps thousands, of examples of the Mandela Effect that have been catalogued. Facebook groups and YouTube channels devoted exclusively to the cataloguing of effects have been established, as well as discussion groups. The following is a very brief list of some of the more obvious Mandela Effects.  New ones seem to appear almost daily now.
  1. The map of the world.
We humans are now, apparently, inhabiting a completely different planet from the one I grew up on. I say this as someone who has spent his entire life studying maps and atlases. I have a very good grasp of world geography. I know (knew) the shapes and sizes of the continents and countries and their relative placement. The maps that I now encounter when I open an atlas, a textbook, or google maps are nothing like the world as I remember it. South America has now shifted 2,000 miles to the east. Panama has become an East-West country instead of North-South country and the canal now cuts Northwest to Southeast. Cuba has doubled in size, moved a thousand miles to the west, and now practically touches the Yucatan. Florida has shrunk. Denmark now juts up between Norway and Sweden and is much, much further north than it was before. Spain has shifted westward. Italy now points  in a southeasterly direction, instead of southward. Sicily has moved northwestward about 500 km and now touches the tip of Italy.
Moving to Asia, Japan has moved westward and is now much closer to Korea and China. It is far less elongated than it used to be. Australia has moved at least 2,000 km northward to the point that it now almost touches Papua New Guinea and has become part of Asia. This is just a partial list of geographical Mandela Effects. Readers, feel free to investigate this for yourselves, especially if you had an interest in geography as a kid.
Before I move on to some other notable effects, it must be emphasized that this is not a matter of a mere handful of maps being changed, nor is it just the new maps. A search online of old maps, or even a glance into an old atlas printed 30, 40 or even 100 years ago, will show the same bizarre shifting of landmasses. In other words, it is reality itself that has shifted. I have gone into numerous libraries and bookstores since I began investigating the Mandela Effect and have verified this for myself.
2)  Lines from movies.
A) This list keeps growing all the time. Everyone over the age of 40 remembers the famous line from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” This has changed to become “Life WAS like a box of chocolates.” Again, this is not just evil google tinkering around with online versions of the movie. Your dusty old VCR copy will now have the updated version with “Was like a box of chocolates.”
B) The famous line from the film Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” has now become, “If you build it, HE will come.”
C) In the movie Jaws, Roy Scheider now says, “YOU’RE  going to need a bigger boat,” instead of “WE’RE  going to need a bigger boat.”
D) The evil queen in Snow White now says, “MAGIC mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” instead of the famous incantation, “MIRROR, mirror, on the wall….”
E) From the 1984 movie Purple Rain, Prince now begins the film by gazing at at the audience and announcing, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here tonight to GET THROUGH this thing called life.” WTF? The line was, of course, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here tonight to CELEBRATE this thing called life.”
3) Book titles
A) The famous Anne Rice novel Interview with A Vampire has shifted to become Interview with THE Vampire. By now, hopefully you’ve noted that the new lines in movies and new book titles don’t sound quite right and are often nonsensical.
B) The Berenstein Bears have now become The Berenstain Bears.
C) Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Portrait of Dorian Grey has now shifted in this reality to become The Picture of Dorian Grey. 
Let me take a short digression here to relate an experience I had six months ago when I traveled to Phnom Penh for a weekend. I had been doing a lot of online research about The Mandela Effect, but I wanted more physical evidence. To that end, I ventured into the biggest and best bookstore in the city to have a look around. I walked over to the fiction section and searched for Oscar Wilde. When I pulled the copy of The ‘Picture’ of Dorian Grey off the shelf, my hand was shaking and my heart was pounding in my chest. Here was the hard evidence and it was undeniable. I mean, c’mon! The ‘picture’ ? It doesn’t even make sense! The story revolves around the portrait, hence the title.
To continue with my research, I walked a couple of blocks to a used book store. The friendly owner informed me that he had a large selection of used children’s books. I found four old copies of the BerenSTAIN Bears. The owner was unfamiliar with the books, but when an elderly woman walked in, he introduced her to me and said, “She’s the one to ask about children’s books.”
Our conversation went something like this:
Me: “Hello, are you familiar with the Berenstein Bears books?”
Friendly woman (FW): “Well, I should be. I was a librarian for 40 years!”
Me: “Excellent! So, let me repeat the title, if I may. The books are properly called The BerenSTEIN  Bears, yes? ”
FW: “Yes, they are.”
Me: (Showing her the books that I was holding, with the alternative spelling) “Well then, what do you make of this?”
FW: “What….? Well…… I’ll be damed! (Laughing nervously)
Me: “How do you explain that?
FW: “Well, I guess I must have remembered incorrectly.”
At that point, I tried to impress upon her that it was not the fault of her memory that the title had changed. I suggested that something far more mysterious and creepy had happened and that she should investigate something called The Mandela Effect when she got home.
But here’s the rub when it comes to introducing people to this topic: It’s nearly impossible to discuss it without sounding like a loon to people who are unfamiliar with it. I’ve tried, tentatively, to broach the subject with a few of my close friends. What I try to do is find something they know well, whether it’s maps, movies, books or consumer products,and then point out anomalies. It they say, “Yeah, that doesn’t sound right,” or “Yeah, that’s not the way I remember it,” then I tell them they should do further research themselves.
4) Consumer products
There are now dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of Mandela changes with consumer products. The one that nailed it for me was  Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve been using Bragg’s products for 30 years. I have read their books. Their names are Paul and Patricia Bragg. Their smiling faces adorn all of their products. I also used the Liquid Amino Acids. So, I’m quite familiar with who they are and their company. And then, whammo! The Mandela Effect struck. The company is now called ‘Bragg.’  Every week when I go to the Western and health food market, I see ‘Bragg’ Apple Cider Vinegar and it never fails to send a shiver down my spine.
5) The human body
According to many Mandela Effect researchers, the human body itself has undergone a transformation in this new reality. The heart has now shifted to the center of the chest and the stomach has moved a number of centimeters to the left. All anatomy charts now show this new configuration.
The preceding list was meant to only be a brief introduction to the Mandela Effect. The list of effects is long and continues to grow. The big question is WHAT IS THE MANDELA EFFECT?  There are a number of theories floating about, all purely speculative at this point.
The first theory is that a certain percentage of humans now alive have relocated, somehow,  to this new ‘Earth’ from an old Earth that was destroyed in a cataclysm. Our residual memories from the old Earth are what is causing the so-called Mandela Effect. Perhaps the old Earth was destroyed in an event in 2012.
Another theory holds that we are now in a parallel dimension, an idea that was postulated and expounded on by Nikola Tesla himself. Readers who might wish to research this further can search on ‘Nikola Tesla’s theories on parallel dimensions.’
Yet another theory postulates that we live in a literal Matrix, very similar to the reality presented in the famous sci-fi cult films. Some kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can, and does, manipulate reality at its whim.
John Lamb Lash speculates that the Great Mother Sophia, written about in the Gnostic Gospels, and known also as Mother Gaia, is showing her sense of humor by tweaking reality and having a little bit of fun with homo sapiens.
I am neither dismissing nor leaning toward any of these theories at this point. I surmise that in the near future, more effects will manifest, more people will take note of them, and more theories will be put forth to explain it all. However this all shakes out in the end, one thing is clear: Reality is not what we thought it was and things will never, ever be the same."

Source #MandelaEffect

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"You are sending your focus to circumstances or situations that are not actually in your reality, you can't see them with your eyes or touch them in your physical world, though you talk of them as if they are, and you judge them as harsh or to be resisted or fought against, which is the only thing that keeps them in your energy field."


"Dear Linda,

I learned of the Mandela Effect in May of 2016. I have been on a Spiritual Path my whole life, another words aware of an inner knowing and a higher power. I have been connected to Nature my whole life, in tune with my body, and connected to spirit as I know it. Currently I believe that the Mandela Effect is Timelines Collapsing and other Timelines Merging.

I believe that we are in 4D and clearing old stuff so we can ascend to 5D.

I crave to be liberated from a reality of war, politics, taxes, debt, forced jobs, oppression and control over medicine and food, toxic air and water.

People live in the streets, they crave shelter, food, warmth, love. I know another way is right there in a seconds thought. If I can change enough in energy and thought I can be in that world. However, I cannot see what stops me. I understand that mass consciousness has to move together on those things, still I ache for change. A change I have believed in and known was coming for nearing 50 years now. However, I lay waiting for it and at times Grief overtakes me.

I know to find my bliss, my joy, however struggle with that as I am homeless, penniless and basic survival is a daily quest, along with that a deep frustration perhaps fear.

I crave a world where I am free to grow plants and use them as I please, where I have complete say over my own body, day, life, a world of no war politics or jobs, a world where we have free energy and no one to tell us what we are allowed to do. A world with no military or cops, a world without homelessness, forced medicine, deliberate toxins, and limits.

I know that I hold the old system in place by believing it exists. I find the moments where I fantasize it the way I want and hold that vision, then my body aches, needing housing and food calls out, and so many things of “this world” wherever I am keep at me.

I want to Believe, I do believe that place exists. I am challenged as to how to move to that dimension, that Timeline RIGHT NOW.

I know to live my bliss,thing is Linda, I can’t as I am blocked to even have food money and a home, and yes I have my thoughts and don’t get me wrong, I think of wonderful things all the time, I travel to joyous places in my mind, my thoughts and my dreams. I know I have the Power to move to a timeline where I have food and shelter, and to a more outwardly fun. However, whatever I am doing I am blocking it, can you help me understand

I know we are moving from Linear Time to No-Time and that we, as lightworkers are getting upgrades, and integrating so much. Still I feel there must be something I am missing to be stuck in such poverty.

I know I chose to come here and help Mother Earth and her people. I feel there has been great change. However, I am unhappy, and I know that is a state of mind I can change. However, I am so tired, so weak, so frustrated that I am stuck in a version of life I don’t want. I know I chose this and my thoughts create it, I feel Kidnapped by myself, by my oversoul wanting to experience Contrast and physical form, and I feel angry at my oversoul for choosing this place where there is so much of what I don’t want, yet know I create and chose. Not sure If I am making any sense. However, any words of wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated.

Love Frustrated Starseed"


"Dear Frustrated Starseed,

There is much of your energy connected to that which you do not want. Therefore, your energy is pushed out of you but feels like it is being pulled as you are deeply connecting to frequencies that are dense and very sticky.

You are sending your focus to circumstances or situations that are not actually in your reality, you can't see them with your eyes or touch them in your physical world, though you talk of them as if they are, and you judge them as harsh or to be resisted or fought against, which is the only thing that keeps them in your energy field.

There is a strong connection in your mind/body to these realities that you judge as if they are really impacting on your life, it really is 99% a mind trick. Your mind creates beliefs and works hard to hold onto them as if its very existence depends on this, well in a way it does.

The energetic difference between a belief and a knowing is very wide. A belief holds us in a contracted space of proving to ourselves and others, it is a head/ego space idea. A knowing expands us with no need to hold onto it, it just is, it is a heart space feeling which is integrates into our very being.

If we hold onto our beliefs we hinder our own expansion, so to let go of all we think we are or think we have achieved is a major release of a very dense connection to lower frequencies, there are no beliefs in 5D and above, duality is recognized and shed, judgment is a faint memory, cynicism of self or others is not a 5D companion nor does it sit well in our energy field in 4D, it can create much density in the body around the throat and head and also in the stomach.

Bliss is our natural state of being as is joy, they are always part of us, though, if our connection to our higher self is compromised in any way they will seem out of reach or need to be sought after. Self judgment and a focus on that which appears outside of us that we do not prefer will keep the connection to higher self weak, especially when in circumstances where there appears to be definite reasons as to why one should be unhappy or judgmental.

We really do give our power away if we believe that others are making us feel a certain way, it is actually impossible for someone to make us feel anything, we are always the decider, and for some there is much pay off in the opposite belief, we then do not have to take self responsibility and can feel self righteous in our condemnation of them, which in turn is mirroring our deep internal core beliefs about ourselves and cementing in place our victim circumstances so that we prove to ourselves that we have no say or power...

The world that is craved is the world you actually live in, hence the deep peaceful feeling and relaxation of your body when you hold it as your primary thought. The other world you talk of in a contracted way is simply based on your strongest lower mind thought patterns, it is not even around you, it can't actually be seen or touched, it is a mind trick that you have been strongly connected to through programming and the ego's will to survive and it keeps creating friction so that you do not let go of it. It is of course not separate from you but appears that way.

There is a strong connection to past memories as if there is some achievement or a sense of identity that needs to be held onto, this weighs you down and holds onto patterns of thoughts and behavior that do not serve your expansion.

All that feels hard or depressing is just an attachment to a false identity and a disconnect from your higher self.

The feeling of not wanting to be here or the want to go home is not really about this planet it is your yearning to be connected to your higher self again, that is your only home as it will always be. It is another mind trick to blame our bodies and the world on our discord or feeling of separation from our true home. Our lower mind will keep trying to blame and opt out but this just keeps the connection to higher self and source feel more distant.

The lower mind is the kidnapper and feeds all sorts of contractive thoughts and ideas  to keep the connection to higher mind weaker.

There is actually nothing that you do not want, they are all beliefs in your lower mind, hence, the contracted feeling around them, your mind has you convinced of their reality and plays with you as it slips in and out of 4D and 3D and you judge yourself harshly for what you perceive to be true and this makes it difficult to change your perceptions as the lower mind is always producing proof in the form of circumstance.

Your fear of success is huge and you have thwarted it all through your life, as there has been an addiction to failure or the fear of it, same thing in energy sense.

You chose a path of resistance and rebellion which cemented dense realities into your timeline, these can be let go of if there is no identity with what you believe you have achieved for yourself or others, it is very important to drop identity in the 3D sense, to know and accept that nothing can be achieved through resistance. There really is nothing outside of you, so all you fight is yourself in different energetic forms.

The journey is full of paradoxes and dichotomy, as we move from plateau to plateau is is essential to drop what was our identity or beliefs, they don't create expansion and will hinder our journey. To know who you are is never the same, it changes, and is never based on a thought process.

Frustration is a result of lower mind wanting to stay the same and keep the discord alive with false beliefs, while it knows that it is an illusion in itself, but does this to block intuition and the connection to higher self, which kills off the lower mind......

So what appears as your reality is the fantasy, and what looks like fantasy is the real world......

i really hope this helps "